Why an End-to-End Clinical Software Solution?

What is an End-to-End Clinical Software Solution? Why choose one of Australia’s leading Clinical Software solution providers?

There are many clinical software products that will provide your hospital, day surgery centre or medical practice with their own benefits and this is their “reason for being”. Clintel Systems has Australia’s leading clinical software solutions that can provide your hospital, day surgery centre or medical clinic the best practice software.

An end-to-end fully integrated medical software solution incorporates the entire process that your medical practice performs.

General benefits of an end-to-end solution:

- One clinical software system to implement and manage.
- One clinical software system for staff to learn across the business.
- Data entered once and available across the entire organisation.
- No messy integrations with multiple systems.
- One source of truth.

For Medical Specialists, there are many options for managing patient information, clinical information and administration, depending on the requirements of the specialist or clinic. Likewise, for Day Hospitals conducting theatre and surgical procedures, there are clinical software systems that are purpose-built to manage these requirements.

The systems remain disparate and are at risk of data errors and mistakes being made from system to system. A fully integrated solution using CareRight eliminates this.

CareRight End-to-End Integrated Medical Specialist and Day Surgery Medical Software Solution

CareRight can provide a complete integrated solution for medical specialists and day hospitals, but the benefit of the solution is that it can manage all these elements in one web-based solution.

A typical example of our clinical software integrated solution is:

- Referral received and Patient created in CareRight.
- Appointment scheduled in CareRight.
- Medical Specialist conducts assessments and captures relevant data in CareRight.
- Patient advised of procedure required in the day hospital and procedure booked using CareRight.
- Procedure completed and all information captured within CareRight.
- Billing, Claiming and Statutory Reporting conducted within CareRight.
- Follow up appointments and correspondence, including SMS, generated from CareRight.

The patient information and history are available at all stages as a longitudinal record that is fully auditable, searchable and reportable from creation to patient discharge and ongoing. No need to manage multiple medical practice software solutions or enter data twice.

How Does CareRight Provide an End-to-End Integrated Medical Software Solution?

CareRight is built from the ground up with an integrated design philosophy at the fore front.

Integration of Patient Administration, Electronic Medical Records and Billing and Finance is provided through:

- Intelligent workflow engine.
- Intelligent forms builder
- Report generator
- Data warehouse
- Clever design linkages between the key components to support integration
- High levels of system reconfigurability which are simple to implement.

Just one simple yet powerful End-to-End Integrated Solution

To learn more about CareRight clink these links: CareRight

The combination and design of these features have created a powerful end-to-end system allowing healthcare organisations to implement efficient and effective processes which are consistent across an integrated solution.

For further information or to book a demonstration of CareRight, please contact contact@careright.com.au or telephone 08 8203 0500.

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