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The trusted software solution for healthcare services since 2006.

CareRight is your toolkit to improve patient experience, drive organisational efficiencies and enable clinical best practice.

Optimise workflows, increase productivity and scale with an end-to-end platform configured to your needs.

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Solutions built for you.

Patient and Doctor

CareRight is a powerful, all-in-one platform for day hospitals.

Streamline medical specialist consulting, theatre management, automated statutory reporting, electronic claiming and more with a tailored software solution.

Doctors at hospital

A seamless patient experience is here. CareRight is your toolkit to manage records, billing, claims and more from one platform.

Optimise every step of the healthcare journey with user-friendly modules and easy integration with other hospital systems.

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CareRight is the leading software for Clinical Case Managers to coordinate service providers and case plans.

Maintain quality of service for every individual with easy-to-use case monitoring and purpose-built finance modules.

Doctor talking to patient

Streamline clinical and business management with CareRight – the simple solution for complex workflows.

Reduce the roadblocks and implement software proven to increase productivity and enhance the patient experience.

Doctor talking to patient

Connect and integrate the complex workflows of a healthcare service with one end-to-end solution, CareRight.

Optimise workflows, increase productivity and scale with an end-to-end platform configured to your needs.

Manage your end-to-end University Health Clinic operations with a fully integrated CareRight University Solution

Clintel Systems specialise in multi-clinic, multidisciplinary, fully integrated, end-to-end software solutions featuring powerful tailored workflow automation. Clintel Systems offer a range of supporting services including, bespoke solution design, data migration, cloud hosting + infrastructure design, and so much more.

Clintel Systems have an established and proven track record offering software solutions to higher education facilities including the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), and the University of Wollongong.

We understand the particular nature of an educational institute where you have typical student flows and the nature of a teaching / approval-based operating system, as well as research management and comprehensive reporting.


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Modernise the patient journey with a configurable software solution built for surgeries.

Work smarter with tools that support best practices while increasing workflow efficiency and productivity.

Elderly lady and doctor


The optimal patient and family hospice experience is possible with the end-to-end software solution,CareRight.

Improve data management, reporting systems and service efficiency from one centralised platform.


Mental health

Deliver a seamless patient journey with one intuitive solution.

CareRight adapts to the complex needs of mental health services to simplify workflows, automate reporting, streamline the clinical process and more.

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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Discover a smarter way to care for residential and non-residential clients with CareRight.

Simplify client record management and generate plans or reports easily with built-in automation and more.

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Urgent Care

Efficiently manage patients along an urgent care journey with a purpose built CareRight Urgent Care solution.

Work smarter with tools that support best practices while increasing workflow efficiency and productivity

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Benefit from a fertility specific CareRight deployment which can include out-patient, day hospital, and in-patient activities, all within the one software application.

Or make use of CareRight's API capabilities for integrating your favourite Software application within CareRight.

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Make use of CareRight's Rehabilitation Module as a stand-alone feature or as part of a multidisciplinary hospital/clinic, which offers high standard interoperability.

Seamlessly management patients with CareRight for their full rehabilitation requirements.

Complex requirements. One end-to-end integrated solution.

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Tailored Software Modules

Discover a toolkit configured to streamline your workflow.


Centralise your operations to increase productivity, reduce costs and streamline data entry.

Tried & Tested Systems

Reliable Systems – Proven solutions used by thousands every day.

Integrations & Connectivity

Connect with other healthcare providers and industry partners.

Scalable & Configurable

Software that will mirror your workflow and adapt as you grow.


Training & technical assistance from experienced practitioners.

About Us

Clintel has been in operation since 2006, providing clinical software, medical specialist software and medical software management and expertise to Australasian-based healthcare providers. Our medical & clinical clients vary from major government departments to individual medical specialists and large, complex private medical organisations. Our team is proudly based in Australia with all development and support provided from Australia.

About CareRight

The smarter way to care.

Manage your people, data and communication in one place with CareRight.

The web-based software improves existing workflows with a suite of purpose-built clinical, billing and administration modules.

Streamline every step of your organisation with a tailored solution backed by ongoing industry feedback and development.

Smart & adaptable modules

All the tools you need at your fingertips.

Patient Administration (PAS)

> Patient Summary

> Appointments & Scheduling

> Admissions

> Client Relationship Management (CRM)

> Case Management

> Correspondence & Templates

> Program Management

> Document Management

> Referrals

> Staff And Provider Management

> Online Patient Portal

Person pointing at graph

Clinical record (EMR)

> Progress Notes

> Assessments

> Alerts, allergies & Notices

> Diagnosis - Clinical Coding

> Pathology & Radiology

> Prescribing

> Image Management

> Patient Online Pathways

> Theatre, operations & surgical management

> My Health Record

Man and woman at reception desk

Billing & Claiming

> Automated Billing & Claiming

> Coding & Grouping

> Statutory & Regulatory Reporting

Woman doctor talking


> Patient Records

> Appointments & Scheduling

> Admissions

> Client Relationship Management (CRM)

> Staff And Provider Management

> Online Patient Portal

Elderly woman smiling at laptop

Patient Online Engagement & Electronic Care pathways

> Patient Records

> Appointments & Scheduling

> Admissions

> Client Relationship Management (CRM)

> Staff And Provider Management

> Online Patient Portal

Woman doctor typing on laptop

Support Utilities

> Workflow Management

> Intelligent Forms Builder

> Report Generation

> Business Intelligence

> Correspondence & Communication

> Document & Image Management


Easily connect with other healthcare providers & industry partners.


Calendar management and scheduling are made easy.


Create and customise reports with integration with yourdata warehouse.


Stay in touch through your current platforms such as Outlook 365 or MessageMedia.


Communicate seamlessly and securely with HealthLink or Telstra Argus connectivity.

Invoices & Claims

Certified with Medicare Web Services, Medicare IHC & IMC, Thelma & TYRO Terminals.

Import & Export

Share patient demographics with HL7 or custom JSON API integrations.

Health Services

TeleHealth, My Health Record, eRX (QScript and prescriptions)

How to get started.



Let us show you how CareRight can make a positive impact on your organisation.



We take the time to understand your needs so we can provide the right solution.



A breakdown of everything you need to enhance patient outcomes.


Roll Out

Get ready for high fives in the hallway. We’ll support you at every step including training and technical support.

We’ll support you at every step including
training and technical support.

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What our clients say.

A key element in our choice was CareRight’s ability to streamline end-to-end workflow and processes. CareRight offers a collaborative approach and has demonstrated a flexibilityto meet our specific needs.

CEO  |  Day Surgery Group, Australia

Flexible and detailed reporting CareRight offered this together with a high level of system configurability. Clintel have demonstrated themselves to be a committed, responsive organisation who will go the extra yard to meet our needs.

ASA General Manager  |  Australian Surgical Assisting

Case Study - Workflow automation in hospital environments.

This paper addresses the methodology and results of the automation of workflows in hospital environments. Specifically, the paper examines the use of the CareRight end-to-end solution by The Hobart Clinic through its implementation to go-live and the resultant improvements.

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Case Study - A solution for dynamic billing, claiming and automation in hospitals.

This paper addresses the methodology and results of addressing complex and dynamic billing, claiming, appointment and case-management processes in hospital environments. Specifically, the paper examines the use of the CareRight end-to-end solution by Perspective Medicine, the methodology of the implementation and the key benefits derived by Perspective.

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The most common questions, answered.

Is CareRight a web-based application?

CareRight is web based and is typically implemented as a hosted solution.

Where will the data be stored?

We utilise Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our hosting partner. We can offer a range of hosted solutions all of which sit within the AWS Well-Architected Framework. All data is stored within Australia.

Can you migrate our data into CareRight?

We offer a range of data migration options, which include core data migration via CSV files, preset migration tools, and bespoke migration.

Can you integrate with other softwares?

CareRight supports the installation of optional API integration service that provides connectivity to external systems. This is implemented as a HL7 MLLP server and client. This service allows for integration with other systems within the clients network.

What's your support like?

Clintel backs all of its CareRight installations with a contracted Service Level Agreement, ensuring software maintenance, statutory compliance and end user Helpdesk support for the duration of the agreement.

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