Go paperless for Patient Management Software.

Why go paperless for Patient Management Software?

Medical Specialists, Clinics and Private Hospitals collect large quantities of sensitive patient data. In some cases there are mountains of it!

Clintel Systems offers a complete clinical and practice management solution to replace your existing Patient Management Software so you can go paperless. No matter where you are within our customised patient management software you can switch between your practice locations or hospital management systems efficiently.

Without mountains of paper, our Patient Management Software will increase productivity in your practice or practices and in hospitals and daycare centres. With Clintel’s leading software features that you won’t find anywhere else, we can integrate your systems to enable you to go paperless.

Historically this information has been recorded on paper and forms, which are then added to patient files.

This is becoming an issue even with small clinics or practices as requirements, both legislative and patient-driven, change. A paperless environment will help with streamlining f your health practice.

The Risks of not being Paperless

Why you need Australia’s leading Patient Management Software from Clintel.

There are several risks with keeping patient data in paper-based form without using

Loss of patient files

In the event of a flood, fire or other catastrophic event, patient files are destroyed and usually, these are the only copies.  Patient files can also be lost unintentionally, or partial files removed. Being paperless will help substantially in the case of an unfortunate business disaster.

Illegible Information

Specialists are time-poor and traditionally their notes are scrawled on patient files. This information is vitally important and over time these notes can be hard to read as the ink fades. Adopting a paperless solution will help with the quality of your patient records.

Reporting requirements

The time taken to produce reports that are in paper-based form is huge and can lead to mistakes from double entries, or inconsistent information. In either case, this is not the ideal situation and going paperless should eliminate some of these common problems.

There are also costs associated with keeping paper files:

- Physically archiving patient files in store rooms, or at times archiving off-site.
- Time is taken searching for patient files
- Time when reporting is required

This is only a small sample of the risks and costs involved when using a traditional paper-based patient record system, instead of adopting a paperless solution.

Times have changed and will continue to change. That’s why you need to update using our Patient Management Software.

Web-based digital patient solutions can eliminate the need for paper records not only in administration, but throughout the entire medical process. The paperless environment is now a reality.

For example, a surgeon can access real-time patient records in the theatre and staff can update information during surgery in real-time. The flow of information can be wherever it is required throughout the practice, clinic or hospital.

Patient Management Software improvements as a result of being paperless include: 

- Data available anywhere, anytime and on any device. Great for those multi-site or multi-time zone needs.
- Easy to read doctor's notes
- Accessible reporting when you need it, with information in a single database.
- Reduction in risk from losing patient data stored onsite, with information backed up in a secure Cloud environment, or managed to your needs.
- No costly physical storage requirements.

CareRight, through its Intelligent Forms Builder, Workflow Engine and Task Management can greatly assist your transition to a paperless environment by allowing you to create forms and workflows that are closely aligned with your business processes. This is a significant step towards a paperless environment that is based on automated workflows and customisable forms.

As governments and funding requirements change, there will be more legislative reporting on patient visits and procedures. The need to have all patient data safely located in an electronic clinical system, preferably cloud-based is upon us. So now is the best time for you to install Clintel’s leading Patient Management Software as part of your hospital, or practice management.

Paperless CAN be painless

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