CareRight My Health Record Integration

Integration with My Health Record:

Clintel has successfully integrated our flagship CareRight product with My Health Record. This new feature is available to all CareRight clients in their latest release. If you would like to discuss getting the most out of our My Health Record integration, contact the HelpDesk and we can get you started.


Once a patient has been verified and access has been granted to their My Health Record, providers will be able to access a wide range of material covered by the My Health Record including health summaries, prescriptions, pathology and imaging, discharge summaries and previous hospital admissions. The integration also allows providers to add material to a patient’s My Health Record including allergies, prescriptions, clinical notes and medications.

How to access My Health Record:

Once access has been granted to a patient's My Health Record, then selecting the My Health Record tab in the patient dashboard will provide a search form and grid view. Initially, this will default to documents in the last two years, however, the search function will allow providers to search My Health Record with the following filters:

–  By date range, defaulting to last 2 years.
–  By document type (i.e., checkboxes for “Shared Health Summaries”, “Discharge Summaries”, etc.), defaulting to All.
–  By status – defaulting to “Approved”
–  By author name, or HPI-I
–  Only show documents uploaded from the current CareRight instance.

Patient Banner:

Once a provider has gained access to the patient’s My Health Record, patient settings allow additional elements to appear on the patient banner:    

–  A label “MHR” is displayed and is a link to the “My Health Record” tab which displays documents.
–  The following view services are automatically searched for; if they exist a label for the view is shown and if clicked displays a modal containing the document:
– Shared Health Summary
– Medicines View
– Pathology Report

This allows providers to select which view services are of the most clinical importance and have them available on all screens related to the patient.

Publishing to My Health Record:

Providers (who have been given permission to publish to My Health Record in their user-defined role) will be able to publish to My Health Record. Users will also be able to supersede or delete documents within My Health Record.

More Information:

The Australian Digital Health Agency provides online training, webinars and other resources for healthcare providers to learn more about My Health Record.

– Find out more about My Health Record in specialist practice
Latest statistics on how healthcare providers and consumers are using My Health Record
– Join a webinar to learn about the core features of My Health Record: My Health Record for specialist practices
Register and set up access to My Health Record
– Free online training modules to learn more about using and accessing My Health Record.

For further information or to book a demonstration of CareRight, please contact or telephone 08 8203 0500.

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