CareRight streamlines business processes for acute internal medicine provider Perspective Medicine.

Australian-based software provider Clintel Systems has implemented its flagship CareRight platform providing an end-to-end PAS, EMR, scheduling, billing and claiming solution for Perspective Medicine, a leading provider of internal medicine specialists across a number of private and public hospitals in Victoria.

Perspective Medicine’s Acute Internal Medicine service provides specialist medical management for patients with illnesses requiring hospitalisation.

Their range of specialists and locations ensures streamlined care from pre-admission planning through to post-acute follow-up.  Perspective’s specialist expertise includes infectious diseases, rheumatology and perioperative services.

CareRight has provided Perspective Medicine with a fully integrated end-to-end system including business analytics tools,  EMR, pathology and radiology, secure messaging, prescribing and billing and claims modules.

Perspective Medicine required a solution that provided for significant automation and streamlining of workflows, which CareRight has provided. Complex and fluid scheduling arrangements are managed by CareRight’s dynamic appointment system.

Perspective Medicine’s George Heriot said: “CareRight’s scope and adaptability have allowed us to solve the administrative challenges of a multi-site, multi-specialist operation within one application.”

Using CareRight, Perspective’s specialists can operate from the field to manage their appointments, clinical notes and billing with a significant degree of flexibility and a reduced error rate from a billing and claiming perspective.

The rollout of CareRight with Perspective Medicine is part of Clintel’s rollout of CareRight in hospital environments across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

For further information or to book a demonstration of CareRight, please contact or telephone 08 8203 0500.

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